1. Design and implementation

One essential part of our business strategy is to harmonically combine aesthetic and performance in every sense.. So we take our inspiration from nature, we believe that all colors have a story in nature, we reflect this on our collection. We're looking forward to creating Your Creations.

2. Raw Material Purchase

According to the product that is desired to be produced, we purchase the right material which we ensure that this arrives on time.

3. Laboratory

Starting from yarn control which purchased for to knit the socks, we apply all necessary tests in our own laboratory.First of all we control that the yarn match our parameters, after the confirmation we start knitting the samples and do all Physical test which show us that we can start with Production.If needed we share the final reports with our customers and proceed knitting phase.

4. Knitting

- The machines in our sock knitting department is equipped with the latest technology, which its comprising single-cylinder-machines (brand name: Lonati-Machines). - Once the samples approved by our customers, production commences in this department. Our factory has a total of 600 machines from 84 Nd. To 200 Nd.

5. Washing

- With our washing machines, we do all washing operations that our customers need in our factory. - In the field of washing we use leading brand machines. Upon your request we may offer antibacterial Sanitized, Aegis, Purista, Aloe Vera and Silicone wash.

6. Steam Boarding – Ironing

The socks are ready for iron by steam-setting-machines and afterwards packaged by our staff. In case that the socks won’t need any washing or any dyeing procedures, they will be directly forwarded to our Ironing Department where they get ironed by steam-setting- machines and afterwards get packed into cartons

7. Quality Control

Various quality control procedures are followed for all manufacturing operations by the 'Quality Control Teams' in all the production operations to provide high quality products. Thanks to these quality controls, Eren Socks can achieve all of the required product safety standards and in addition continuously improve the product quality. All details of process controls can be reported directly by the special software in EREN SPS system electronically. In addition to all of these control systems, all the finished goods receive a further final inspection prior to despatch.

8. Shipping

They are then forwarded to our warehouse for their final export to destinations.